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The Victorians

In his 5 star review, Dr R said: "... the book links its illustrations and text very well, avoiding the frustration of reading comments on one page whilst having to hold another page open to see the illustration referred to."

Polish art historian, Rajkowska Iwona said: "... I read the book almost instantly, because of its layout, typeface smartly combined with the most important contents."

Ian Miles gave it 5 stars and said: "Even by the assured, must-have standards of BBC spinoff coffee-table books, this one is splendid and comes with thorough recommendation."

In a book that deals with works of art, of course, the critical question is how it looks and feels, and for that all credit must go to picture researcher Sarah Hopper and, most importantly, to the designer, Tara O'Leary. I think she's done a terrific job."

- Jeremy Paxman on The Victorians -

100 Ideas that Changed the World

"[100 Ideas] is a magnificent example of minimalist design rendering it a beautiful object in its own right."

O&C Embrace Localism

Here at O&C HQ we value our local community. Whether it be taking a daily constitutional around the Horniman Gardens or buying ingredients from the wealth of independent shops on Dartmouth Road, it is where we work and where we live.

We hope 2017 will prove a good year for small business in the area.

As part of our own civic commitment, we will continue making extra effort to help enliven community life by working on a range of locally-focussed projects.

The Sky at Night

"Any book ... is surprisingly challenging, for careless mistakes can easily creep in. In this book, so far as we can tell, they haven't, and this is due to the care taken by the editorial and design team that put it together."

Baroque and Roll

We are working on a book about baroque music. It is incredibly engaging. Covering music and socio-political change between 1587 – 1759, it is a period in the history of art and the world we find particularly fascinating. It also gives us a great excuse to listen to Bach and Vivaldi in the studio.

Briny Hooves Re-release

Following the success of The Rising of the Lights (onomatopoeia), William D Drake and label sheBear plan to re-release his critically acclaimed second album, Briny Hooves.

O'Leary and Cooper have been consulted and a full re-packaging is underway. Only one question remains: will there be vinyl as well as CD softpack with 8 page booklet?

Drake is currently in the studio recording his fifth solo album set to be released next Spring on onomatopoeia.

I thought, at first, that this book might be a bit dry. I feared it might be boring, repetitive, and filled with facts everyone already knows ... But then I spotted the two hotties in string bikinis, lounging on a yacht on the front cover, and I began to think it might be quite a fun, entertaining book after all."

- Extract from The Bookbag 5 star review of Richi$tan -

Have I Got News For You: Guide to Modern Britain

"Excellent Christmas stocking book ... particularly like the diagrams and sketches throughout the book illustrating a point."